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​About Us

Manorcroft United Junior football Club are the only youth football club in the Egham / Englefield Green area that operate football teams for both boys and girls from the ages of 6 to 18 years. Our initial team was formed in 1982 on the Manorcroft playing field in Egham by three parents of children wishing to play football. This team was named Manorcroft United Juniors. Although not funded in any way by Manorcroft Junior School a lot of our players initially derived from this school, to date we continue to have a strong connection and link to the school.



This in turn prompted several parents from different age groups to get together to provide the children with football teams up to the age of 11 when they finished attending junior school. This Club proved so successful that the teams continued to operate through the children’s secondary education which then attracted players from surrounding areas and soon one team became several teams.

It has been through the hard work and commitment of parents and committee members all of whom have volunteered their time and money that the children in the local community can now enjoy football without prejudice of race, age, sex or ability. Since the clubs inception the ethos has always been that the development of the children is paramount. Whilst it is clear that the club will do their upmost to encourage the child’s football development we also pride ourselves in developing the children in other areas such as respect and discipline.

This successful attitude has not gone unnoticed as we now find ourselves in a position where we offer children in the local community a choice of teams through the various age ranges all playing in the surrey youth league. We are considered a highly respected, well operated, friendly family club by not only the local community but also by the Surrey Football Association themselves.

Since the formation of the Club our teams were playing and training at five separate venues due to lack of suitable facilities available. When we were offered the facility of Coppers Hill Recreational Ground back in 2008 we found the invitation too good to refuse and, whilst we knew this would stretch our finances far beyond our means, all associated with the club made a commitment to become involved and making this a success.

Taking on such a prestigious facility at Englefield Green has provided our club with a new home. All of our teams now play at the one ground, boasting a large clubhouse and several well kempt pitches, the club has rapidly become recognised for having outstanding facilities which harvests a fantastic atmosphere for both the Home sides and the visiting teams.

The Club has recently started its first ever senior side, playing in the Woking and Guildford alliance the Club can now offer a progression for our players beyond Junior Football. We are proud of our first teams collection of former Manorcroft Juniors that feature in the 1st team squad week in week out. To date the side has gained two succesive promotions and the football and team spirit of the side is one for all our teams to aspire to.

We welcome everyone involved in the community to come along any given Saturday or Sunday to support their local teams. They will see for themselves how this lively football club is being enjoyed by over 150 children as well as their parents and supporters.

Club Colours​

​The 2015/2016 Season will see all teams play in the new Yellow and Blue striped jersey. 

addidas striped 2015.PNG

​​In 2015 the club unveiled its new away kit which is available for all age groups. 

away kit.PNG