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    Sponsors of the Adult 1st Team

    Topgolf is the premier golf entertainment venue where the competition of sport meets your favourite local bar. You can challenge your friends and family to addictive point-scoring golf games that anyone can play all year-round.

    Just picture a 240-yard outfield with dartboard-like targets in the ground. The closer to the centre or “bull’s-eye” you get your microchipped ball, the more points you get. Score even bigger with Topgolf’s extensive food and drink menu, served to you by one of our bayhosts.

    Sponsors of the 2015/16 Under 15s

    Frame Workshop has been providing a bespoke framing service since 1997 from our premises on Egham High Street. 
    We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality and the best service and are always willing to give honest and helpful advice while making your selection. 
    Our experience and expertise at problem solving enables us to frame almost anything to a very high standard. Your framed picture will last and give pleasure for many years.

    Sponsors of the 2015/16 Unders 13s

    West Three Colour is a West London based leading lithographic and digital printer with over 30 years experience. We produce quality printing literature and marketing material for a number of brand and household names, with a keen eye on local business. We pride ourselves on the quality of work we produce, the in-depth knowledge we possess, the care, attention and commitment to excellence.

    The active soccer mission statement is ‘Fun, Healthy and Inclusive’. Everyone involved in the active coaching team understands the importance of providing a ‘Fun, Healthy and Inclusive’ experience for children who attend active soccer sessions.

    FUN – We believe children who enjoy themselves and have fun, will learn more and want to keep taking part.

    HEALTHY – We recognise the importance of children leading active and healthy lifestyles.

    INCLUSIVE – Our team is trained to make sure that everyone is involved and made to feel welcome at Active Soccer sessions.

    Not only do we want to encourage young people and their families to live an active and healthy lifestyle but through the continuous growth of our franchise and coaching network our aim is to build more active communities.

    By working within the community active soccer aims to: 
    • increase participation in sport 
    • develop the skills of young people 
    • encourage parents and families to be active 
    • provide structured work experience for young people in the community who are interested in a career in coaching 
    • create employment opportunities for suitably qualified and motivated members of the community 
    • provide support for communities by working with and promoting local businesses 
    • support local charities

    Sponsors of the 2015/16 Under 10s

    Business Law Online is a new breed of legal practice that began trading in 2014 after new legislation opened a gap for a more modern, flexible, realistic and customer-centric approach to the provision of legal services.

    We are a genuinely new entrant made up of highly experienced lawyers and businessmen who have plenty of real life and industry experience, looking to provide high quality legal services at a great price. And that’s what makes us different. 
    We specialise in providing our customers with top quality legal advice and services at prices they can afford. We provide our small and mid-market customers with true annual fixed price legal services on a simple subscription based model.

    Sponsors of the 2015/16 Under 7s

    OTM is a privately owned specialist actuation system supplier with over 50 years experience in the provision of gear and actuator design solutions. Our innovative designs and proven manufacturing excellence provide the perfect resource for the supply and support of high reliability actuation systems. This is supported by our manufacturing plant which uses the latest CNC machinery and Javelin production planning systems.

    Our creative designs have solved space, performance and mass problems for an array of customers across many disciplines. We offer in-house design and manufacturing solutions to meet individual customer specifications.

    Sponsors of the 2015/16 Under 11s

    Reuby & Stagg have over forty years of experience in providing civil and structural expertise for developers, contractors, government departments and local authorities.

    Whatever the size and complexity of the project, Reuby & Stagg bring the same high standard of engineering expertise for which the practice is renowned.

    Sponsors of the 2015/16 U10s Matchday wear

    We aim to provide a relaxed and fun atmosphere that encourages social interaction, outdoor activities and creativity.

    We incorporate all necessary aspects of you preschoolers development during these most impressionable and formative years.

    We take pride in our well planned curriculum that not only engages your child but prespares them for school and a life long love of learning!

    Some of activites that are available include play dough, sand, computer, art, food preparartion, music, role play, craft and gardening.

    2016 Tournament Sponsor


    A destination to scream louder, laugh harder and share endless fun. Fly into ANGRY BIRDS LAND then check in and chill at the fin-tastic THORPE SHARK Hotel — a unique sleepover experience.